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Link Modifier

The Link Modifier is a debug block that can be used to edit some special properties with Linking Books and Descriptive Books. It also displays the Age's number. For Linking Books: 0 for Overworld, -1 for Nether, and 1 for End. Any other id is for Mystcraft ages or dimensions added by other mods.

GUI Overview

Coloured box outlines are NOT part of the Linking Modifier's GUI, and is used for visual purposes only.

Colour Function Notes
RedIntra LinkingAllows links to work within the same dimension.
YellowDisarmCauses any inventories that attempt to link through to spill across the ground instead of traveling through. Disarm portals will only allow players, mobs, and minecarts through. Handle with care.
Green*Generate PlatformIs used in ages if you would normally spawn in mid-air and fall any distance from where you link in. However, placing a book in a portal temporarily removes that ability, so do not generate ages by walking through portals.
BlueFollowingMakes the book stay in your inventory when you link.
PinkMaintain MomentumIs used if you want things to maintain their momentum when traveling without Portals. Crystal Portals override this setting and will always maintain momentum.
OrangeBook Slot

* - The green button is activated in the image above.

Recipe Removal

In versions prior to, the Link Modifier had a temporary crafting recipe: eight diamond blocks around a gold block. However, in version, the Link Modifier's recipe has been removed entirely.

This does not mean that the traits it allows are going away. Quite the opposite. The ongoing crafting overhaul that started with will almost certainly contain legitimate ways to craft Intra-Linking, Following, and Disarm books.

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